Be Transformed by the Renewing of Your Mind.

 Salvation, along with the recognition of it, is changing me. “Recognizing” that salvation is changing and defending me is important or else I wouldn’t need to wear it as a helmet. Some of the things I realize in recognizing salvation’s work is that it gives me joy (Ps. 51), it moves me into action (Phil. 2:12-14), it builds hope (1 Thess. 5:8), and it gives me “dreams and visions” of what “will be” in my future (1 Pet. 1:3-5, 10-ff; Rev. 21-22). Those are all things that are different from my life before Jesus. These things are changing me even if I don’t recognize it, but more so “IF” I do! Salvation means that I am SAVED. I am saved both “FROM” something and “FOR” something. I clearly needed to be rescued before I was saved.
Just like with many English words, the Greek word for salvation and its various forms has several meanings. It can mean saved, rescued, delivered,found, and even healed (cf., James 5:15; Mt. 5:23). Sometimes it even has more than one of those meanings even in the same sentence. Even when that is not the case, being aware that there can be multiple meanings to a word is something to consider in Bible study. Let me give you a startling possibility of this idea. Clearly, the intended meaning in regard to the helmet of “soteria” (the Greek word translated salvation in Eph. 6), is just that: salvation. So, – the “helmet of salvation.” But…, what if Paul also wanted me to recognize, recall, or remember that “soteria” also means “healing.” If so, then according to Ephesians, I would be putting on the “helmet of healing.” Now…, before totally throwing this idea away, consider that the helmet is PROTECTING OUR MINDS.
Most assuredly, before I was in Christ, my mind needed healing. In fact, it still needs constant renewing and transformation (Rm. 12:2). So, while I believe that Paul intended us to think, “salvation,” when we read about the helmet, I am willing to suggest that, crafty man that he was (2 Cor. 12:16), he at least hoped that we would consider different meanings as “part” of his intended message! Salvation does protect my mind and continual “healing” for my mental capacities is important in spiritual warfare.
OK…, that was “fun,” but it’s time to state the strongest points that I can think of right now regarding “how” salvation protects my mind. First, salvation is God’s plan, not man’s. He Himself “put eternity in our hearts” (Ecc. 3:11). So, whatever “junk” the enemy throws at us trying to insinuate that humans themselves came up with the idea of salvation to ease our collective insecurities, is a huge lie designed to weaken our faith. The “funny” thing about salvation being “made up” by mankind is that even if we had made it up, we would have never imagined our Savior dieing on a cross for our salvation (1 Cor. 1). It just doesn’t make “common” sense! Second, “God is the HORN of my salvation” (Psalm 18:2). Without going into a lengthy explanation, “horn” symbolizes “STRENGTH” in OT wisdom literature. So, simply said, God is the STRENGTH of my salvation!!
Now honestly, that is the probably the one “strongest” reason that salvation protects my mind. There is literally nothing in this universe that is stronger or more secure than God. He is not only the Originator and strength of my salvation, He actually “‘IS’ my salvation” (Psalm 27:1). When I seriously recognize these things and that His “arm is not too short to save” (Is. 59:1), the enemy’s lies will bounce off of this helmet without even making a dent!! Recognizing these truths gives me assurance against the enemy’s lies that is “out of this world.” Now that is “mind protection!!” With recognitions like those in place, I really don’t need to add more. Nevertheless, there is one thing that I feel compelled to add. Paul was actually quoting a prophesy from Isaiah when he wrote the words “helmet of salvation.” I will try to give the Cliff’s Notes version here, but if you have time, Isaiah 59 in its entirety is worthy of serious meditation.
OK, in short fashion, Isaiah recorded that God saw that there was no one able to save us, “so His own arm worked salvation and … He put on the helmet of salvation” (Is. 59:16-17). Now God did that TO SAVE US, but the wording is “mysterious” because Isaiah wrote that God worked salvation FOR HIM (i.e., for HIMSELF) and put the helmet of salvation “ON HIS HEAD.” Well, simply put, God doesn’t NEED saving or anything else! So, don’t ask me how this works, but as Christians, we have the “mind of Christ” (1 Cor. 2:16; John 15:15). So, this “sacred mind” planned and worked out a salvation so great (Heb. 2:3) that it includes putting His mind into our minds! Even prophets longed to look into this incredible salvation (1 Peter 1:10). WOW! “Living” out the changes this salvation brings (Phil. 2:12) while recognizing it’s work is powerful protection for our minds in Christ! I’m saved!!


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