How to Be Your Teenage Daughter’s Hero…It is Possible

Raising a teenage daughter can be intimidating. It seems as though you have entered the realm of the uncool and that they no longer need you like they did when they were tiny. If only they would run to you like they did when they were young. full of joy, excitement and unconditional love. For many dads of teenagers, it seems as though they just want you to TRY not to embarrass them and to let them live their life. Compound this perception with the fact that you have never been a teenage girl, and you have a recipe for disaster. Most men operate on the principle that if I can’t win, I won’t try. This begs the question…what should I do? Here are a few suggestions: Nothing is fool-proof but these may help.

Understand she needs you now than ever. Read the previous blog post to find help know what she is wanting you to teach her.

Your relationship has changed but you will always be her daddy, and that is the most important relationship in her life PERIOD. This is an honor not a burden.

She needs to know will you listen, AND hear what she has to say. When you take time to listen, not fix, you communicate worth to her in a way that your words can’t. When you are patient with her emotions she can process them in a way that will allow her to learn to cope with life.

She needs to know that her being your daughter is one of the greatest joys of her life. Even when you and her disagree.

Practical steps you can take.

1. Take her on a date…a good one. Make her dress up. Clean the trash out of your car…go all out. You can teach her what a good date is and how she should be treated, but more than that she is special. If possible give her a gift that will be a reminder her of the commitment below.

2. Be honest. Tell her your a hairy-legged man who understands very little about teenage girls, that your not sure how to do this thing right, and that occasionally you feel like a failure.

3. Commit to her. Tell her what will never change.
You always have time to listen.
Your love is not dependent on her behavior, external beauty, or anything else.
You will always make time to listen to her.

4. Show emotion and that will communicate her worthiness. If you are transparent with her and communicate your feelings with her. She will look for the kind of man who will do the same.

Again, this is not fool-proof, but it is a great start.