Our Beliefs


Our Mission Statement

Equipping people to love and trust God…no matter what.
God is good and his desire is for us to be in relationship with Him. When we seek to understand His grace we begin to see how good He really is.  His goodness provides a foundation for us to love and trust Him fully with our lives…no matter what.  


Our Vision

Grace Fellowship Church serves Lampasas by providing space for people to encounter and live out the gospel through our diverse ministries, We do this by providing opportunities for community on and off site that allow people to join a vibrant, grace filled community.

Our firm commitment to ministering to children in the area will be expanded to include Children’s Church, a place for children of all ages encouraging worship participation and spiritual growth through God’s word. We will also continue to prioritize the Building Badgers Youth Sports League ministry for children, including affirming experiences in basketball, volleyball, cheerleading and flag/tackle football and track.

Our youth ministry will focus on the discipleship of junior high and high school aged kids. In order to equip them to face the tremendous challenges of growing up in the hostile environment of the 21st century culture.

A renewed emphasis on fellowship will be the focus of Grace’s future. Our goal is that people will feel like they belong so that they might believe that they can trust him…no matter what.
The future of Grace Fellowship is bright as we respond to the challenges of the 21st century by teaching the age-old truths of God’s Word in the language of today’s culture. We press forward with the affirmation that with God, nothing is impossible.

Our Statement of Faith

  • We believe that Jesus Christ is not only the Son of God, but also God the Son, who took on human flesh to redeem sinful humanity.
  • We believe in His fulfillment of all biblical prophecy foretelling the coming of the Messiah, His exemplary servant hood, His substitutionary death, His bodily resurrection, His manifestation in the person of the Holy Spirit, and in His imminent return.
  • We believe that we can rightly relate to God only through Him, and that our relationship with Him is conditioned only in our personal acceptance of His acts of grace through faith.
  • We further believe that the Bible is a true and faithful record of God’s intervention into the human condition through covenant relationship, and that this record is true without any mixture of error.
  • We believe that every human soul is competent to respond to God’s self-revelation, that every Christian is a priest under God without requirement of human intervention, and that the local congregation is an autonomous body under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, in whom we know freedom from spiritual and religious bondage.