Frequently Asked Questions

So, here are a few questions that you may be wondering the answer to if you are new to GFC or planning to attend for the first time. We’ve tried to answer the more common ones so hopefully you’ll find this helpful. Click Here to request more information about our church.

Q. When do you get started?

A. On Sundays the complimentary coffee, juice and donuts are ready at 9:00am if you just want to come hang out before service and catch up on all that’s going on. Otherwise 10:00am is when our Sunday morning worship service begins.

Q. I’m new. Where do I go?

A. As you may have noticed, GFC is a unique looking building. If you’re standing in the parking lot and looking at our building you’ll notice 2 large tent-like structures. The smaller one on the left is our Welcome Center and the larger one on the right is our Worship Center. You’ll need to enter our Welcome Center first through either the glass doors on the playground side or through the single metal door in the center of the two buildings.
Q. OK. I made it in, now where do I go?
A. In our Welcome Center, we have a coffee and juice bar with donuts that you’re more to welcome to enjoy either at one of our tables in the Welcome Center or in our Worship Center as well. If you have small children 3 and under, you can sign them in to our nursery at the children’s registration desk.
If you have kids ages 4-11, they will first come to the Worship Center with you. Immediately following the praise and worship portion of our service, they will be dismissed to attend Children’s Church in our children’s building which is the small metal building next to the playground. This is also where our staff offices are located.
Q. What is a Connection Card and what is it used for?
A. A Connection Card is our way of getting to know you better since our staff may not get the chance to meet you face to face during your first visit. We will not use your information to send you spam emails or harass you with phone calls, but you will usually be contacted by a member of our staff to discuss your visit and address any additional questions or needs you may have.


Q. What are giving boxes and where are they located?

A. Giving boxes are one way you can give financially to GFC. In the interest of time and maintaining a smooth flow of service, we don’t take up a collection. Instead we have 2 giving boxes located on either side of the sound booth wall in front of you as you enter our Worship Center from the Welcome Center and a third box located near the Worship Center exit; right next to the metal double doors. There are large red signs with our logo and the words “Grace Giving”. Our giving boxes are located directly under them. You may also choose to give using our secure online giving option right here on our website.


Q. What denomination does GFC belong to?

A. GFC is an non-denominational or inter-denominational church meaning that we do not formally belong to a specific denomination, but are made up of people from various denominational backgrounds.
We are a pastor led church where decisions concerning church matters are made by the pastoral staff with oversight from a board of trustees and elders.
Q. How do I find out more about what is going on at GFC?
A.We  have a Facebook page and we scroll upcoming events on the projector screens in the Worship Center before and after Sunday service. 


Q. So, what should I expect from one of your services?

A. Service is generally about an hour long, beginning with an opening worship song, followed by a brief greeting, a few announcements and sometimes a short video. After a few more worship songs, the children are then dismissed to Children’s Church, followed by the sermon and then the service is usually concluded with a prayer and a final worship song.

Q. What kind of music should I expect
A. At GFC, we offer a variety of contemporary and traditional worship music. We like to keep things fresh with a variety of talents as well, which is why you may hear some electric guitar and drums with several vocalists one week and a soloist with just an acoustic guitar the next.

Q. What should I wear?
A. GFC is a casual environment where you are welcome to come as you are. Whether it’s shorts and a t-shirt or a suit and tie, you will see both here and we want you to feel comfortable and welcome.

Q. What must I do to be a member?


A. At GFC, we believe that as believers we are all members of the body of Christ regardless of where we decide to attend church. We prefer the term partnership.  In other words you partner with us in the ministries we’ve established to help bring the gospel to our local community. This moves beyond the realm of finances and we want you to seek God’s guidance on how to best partner with us.

Q. There are a lot of people here and I don’t know anyone. How can I find ways to fit in and meet people?
A. This is always a hard area for everyone. GFC has people from all walks of life: teachers, coaches, police officers, firefighters, military, bankers, business owners, etc. The best way to connect with people is to come to one of our family events or by joining a small group Bible study.
Often times Sundays are busy and there is such a short time at church to try and meet with people. We encourage people to reach out and meet new friends, and we understand the difficulty in trying to fit in at a new church or in a new town. You’ll find most of us at GFC to be down to earth everyday people who love meeting new people but may sometimes find it equally difficult to make that first connection.


Q. I didn’t get a chance to meet with the staff and I have some additional questions; what can I do?

A. Our staff has an open door policy and you can set up a meeting at any time. We also provide time to Meet the Team after church usually about once a month. During this time for newcomers to sit down with the staff and discuss more in-depth about who we are and what we believe, our vision and what’s happening at GFC.