The question is…

Have you become what God intended?   And if not…what is holding you back?

Money? Marriage? Life events? Join us as we go beyond the confines of this world and discover what it means to find freedom in Christ. 
This collection of material creates a healthy environment that allows the individuals to work through proven solutions.  As God’s grace and God’s will permeate every area of their lives, lives are transformed, marriages are strengthened and God is glorified.
The disciples mended fishing nets for a living.  The nets they mended were not meant to be stowed away and handled with care.  They were meant to be cast back out to handle the rigors of fishing.  In the same way, the heart of Grace’s Life Classes is to allow people to find a place to heal, to have God delight in them and then to be cast back out to glorify Him through their transformed lives.