Equipping marriages to flourish for the glory of God

 Grace Fellowship is passionate about God’s creation for marriage—a covenantal relationship between one man and one woman where each spouse experiences love, intimacy, and growth while reflecting the beauty of the gospel. Grace Marriage strives to support couples and see their relationships thrive through premarital and marriage pre marital assessments, enrichment classes and events.

Are you engaged or considering marriage?
Your journey begins by taking a helpful relationship assessment that will help gauge where you are as a couple. From there, a pastor will lead you through a series of meetings(generally about 3 weeks) that concentrate on key areas that will help you as you build your future together.

Important things to consider:

We strongly recommend a 4-month window before your wedding day to facilitate the pre-marriage assessment.

If you desire a pastor from Grace Fellowship to officiate at your wedding, please confirm availability before setting a date. 

Officiating Pastor’s Fee 

If you desire a pastor from Grace Fellowship, we do not have a set fee for the officiating pastor. Marriage ceremonies are considered ministry for pastors and are honored to perform as part of their responsibilities. An honorarium is customary due to the pastor likely dedicating time away from his family to prepare for and participate in your wedding.

If you have questions about the process or are uncertain about meeting the timeframes before your wedding day, we would love to meet with you, discuss your concerns, and work with you. 

Already married or newlywed? Is this ministry for us? 
If you are seeking counseling to assist you in your marriage, Grace Fellowship Church offers pastoral care or can assist in helping you find a licensed professional counselors to help you. We desire to come alongside you in your time of need to help you on the road of healing.
Please email dstone@gracefolks.org or tmarquez@gracefolks.org to get more information on how we can serve your marriage. 
Grace Marriage Enrichment Classes