Seven Churches

Revelation Week 2-The Seven Churches

This week we journeyed through the churches in Revelation 2-3. A few foundational ideas will help you understand what Jesus is saying to the churches here. One that he walks among them and he knows them. In his message to them, Jesus uses the imagery of the history of the towns to help them know he knows them intimately. He opens with an introduction and then commends them for their efforts of faithfulness, perseverance in persecution, their love for Him, and their loyalty in professing His name. 

 Jesus then offers several warnings that are rooted in a covenant relationship. To cut a covenant in those days meant two parties split animals in half and walked between them to signify the consequence of failing their individual part. In our relationship with God and our spouse, God took two things and put them back together. In our lives, we are often seduced by the same things they were; food, idolatry and sexual immorality. We essentially try to break this one flesh bond not being satisfied with God and start attaching ourselves to other things, making them our God.

Jesus is telling the churches to tend to the covenant bonds with their creator; in doing so, they will not be subject to the hour of the great tribulation. This means they will not be a part of God pouring out his wrath on mankind. They will be in the presence of God, who knows them and loves them. The same is true for us. Be faithful, not fearful, and move toward the Lord of creation.


  1. What things lure you away from God and put tension on the covenant bond between you?
  2. Why is it so important to understand how intimately Jesus knows the churches and consequently the multitudes of the earth as we progress through tribulation?
  3. How should we live Until Glory with this knowledge?

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