Until Glory

Revelation 1-Until Glory

This week we started Revelation chapter 1.  There are several foundational points in the text to pay attention to starting with verse 1.  This is the revelation of Jesus Christ.  It is God revealing His Son who was promised to return to collect His bride the church to present to His Father Holy and blameless.  Those are a whole lot of words to say the this revelation was sent to us through the apostle John to tell us of the things that must take place before the end times come about.  There have been many thoughts, and ideas about this idea but simply stated.  Revelation is about God bringing to an end what he desired long ago in creation and bringing His creation back into His presence without the corruption of sin.  He is gathering his beloved so that he can judge the sin of the world and punish Satan once and for all.

The other key verse in this context happens in verse 5 of chapter 1.  There is a line of praise for Jesus.  To the one who? 1) loves us 2) set us free from sin through his blood 3) made us a kingdom and priest….to Him be glory and praise.   Jesus is not indifferent to us.  His is walking among His Church and Knows his church and in Him we have love, forgiveness, and His presence to endure tribulation.  You don’t have to be in the tribulation to experience tribulation.  The rest of the message of chapter one is that he loves us and is not absent from our lives or our church as we experience tribulation.

1. Have you ever thought that Jesus is walking among the churches in town, and knows them intimately?
  1. How should we live Until Glory with this knowledge?
  2. How does knowing there is love and patient endurance in Christ empower you to face tribulation?
  3. Why is it so important to remember the love Jesus has for His followers as we progress through tribulation?

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